Car mechanics servicing Northchurch, Tring, Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

" ...its almost a pleasure when my car needs a service"
says Arthur from Berkhamsted

" ...what a relief to get a mechanic I can trust under the hood"
said Sasha

Dave Seymours Car Mechanics

In today’s automotive world it takes more than tuning wrenches and a little grease to keep a car on the road. Car mechanics must be familiar with advanced computer diagnostics and complex electrical systems as well as the traditional tools. It can also be a pleasing (and rare) bonus if they are available to their customers to provide informed and intelligent response. Unlike larger organisations employing armies of salesman, clerks, accountants, receptionists, health & safety experts, human resource personnel, advertising & marketing consultants, non executive advisors, wandering shareholders and internal security and so on....     Arrange for Dave Seymours car mechanics to help service or repair your car and you will be speaking with the man who can be trusted with the result.

Here is a car repair, tyre fitting & maintenance service that will appeal to those of you who wish to pay a little less and get a little more and know what's happening!

Ring now for a Car Mechanic you can trust. Dave or Paul (son) will be happy to answer (no receptionist!).
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Make a Note of the Number:    01442 871508

Now ALSO : Tyres sourced and fitted at a price you will like!

Car Tyre Fitting in Northchurch near nerkhamsted, Herts


Dave Seymour's Garage can be found just off the main road (A411) in Northchurch (Between Berkhamsted & Tring). It's just behind 49a High St Berkhamsted, Northchurch, HP4 3QH (turn into where the Piano Shop is - on south side of the road).

Turn Right Here for Dave Seymours Garage

From Tring

Coming in from the West after passing through the traffic lights at the T Junction in NorthChurch you will turn sharp right by the side of the Piano Shop.

Turn Left Here for Dave Seymours Garage

From Berkhamsted

Coming in from Berkhamsted on NorthChurch High Street after seeing the street sign 'The Meads' (on the right) then Turn Left down by the side of the Piano Shop.

Continue up the track past the Piano Shop and round two corners as far as you can go (about 100 yards). Daye Seymours is at the end of the track.